Post 1994: What’s Dougy up to?

What’s Dougy up to?

Yep! This is what happened to the ottoman Dougy claims for himself.

18 thoughts on “Post 1994: What’s Dougy up to?

    • Dougy destroyed a settee, the ottoman, and a computer chair with Andy’s help – something about it appealed to both cats. Andy never attacked any other furniture but that computer chair.

  1. He’s already letting you feed and manicure him, Doug. Take him to the vet and play with him! It’s only fair you should take you tootsies off of his recliner. Heeheheh! Cheers.

  2. More sinister than that! He defiantly scratches the ottoman to let me know he knows I know he knows I know he knows I know he is the master of that ottoman: FEET OFF HUMAN!

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