Post 1999: …worse than you thought!

I know there is some doubt that Dougy is very naughty about scratching on furniture. I offer up proof of his ottoman which gets grimmer by the day!

My little angel!

At least while he sleeps!

30 thoughts on “Post 1999: …worse than you thought!

  1. He does look perfectly angelic – sweet and innocent! Adorable!
    Doug, I am asking for advice: my experiment with catnip was only partially successful. Apparently, my guys did not “nip responsibly” and in three days nibbled it down to soil. Consequently, we are back to eating roses! Should I have let the plant grow to some kind of a length before putting it out for them? Should I have only offered it for limited time every day? What is your experience?

    • They will take it to the ground if allowed free access! Thgat’s a fact. I just give them a few leaves from time to time, and =keep the plant high and away from them the rest of the time. I once planted some outside without protection. It was destroyed in minutes by neighbor cats! Another time, I planted it outside but put a chicken wire cage over the sides and top. That took a little more time (less than an hour!) for a neighbor cat to reach through the protection to pull the plant, stem by stem, to its doom! The only time I had good luck planting ‘nip outdoors was when i planted some in a hanging planter on a patio cover. It was high enough they couldn’t hop up to it, and there wasn’t anything they could use to climb up to it. It’s almost easier to keep squirrels out of bird seeds! I honestly have a hard time believing the kitty boys haven’t given thought to hopping onto the counter and walking over to the ‘nip in the kitchen sink window! They could do that with little effort.

      • Shows how much I know about plants!
        We have no “outside” to speak of, since we live in a condominium, but we do have a beautiful courtyard, and our neighbors will not be happy if our ‘nip plant attracts all the strays from South Beach to it.
        Second try: will get a new plant and keep it on a windowsill at my husband’s home office. Once it grows a bit, I will disperse a few leaves at a time. However, the good news is that my roses are still safe, so the experiment did generate positive results!
        Thank you again, Doug!

    • Yes, he’s a terror when it comes to furniture. I’ve tried to get him to stop, but I haven’t come up with the solution. As it is, I’ve given up on the ottoman.

    • It is solid…except that shredded top. I think I need to learn how to fix this sort of thing. Easier, perhaps, than learning how to train a cat….

  2. Just mahe that Dougies official Ottoman and deter the rest. Squiet bottles work wonderful for training and I have heard they don’t like the feel of aluminum foil, either. The other idea is lots of cat furniture and toys with Catnip.

    • I’ve already decided the ottoman his Dougy’s, and that I either get used to learning how to recover ottomans or live with wehat he does to them! Of course, your other suggestions are excellent, and have (some of them) been tried. He is exhibiting territorial marking behavior with the ottoman.

  3. My wife bought a new sectional sofa last year and is not happy that all the cats like to scratch on it. I kept a towel draped over the arm to try to slow down the scratches but she didn’t like it there because it was not pretty enough. So when she complained about the scratches on the arm the other day I could not feel very sympathetic.

    • I tried the towel business, too, with the same sense that it was pretty ugly! That particular piece of furniture ended up getting trashed out.

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