Post 2057: Dougy has a snit…

Something’s bugging Dougy.

Good grief, Douglas! Andy’s not bothering you there.

I guess Dougy can’t handle Andy sleeping on top of the stacked carriers for the moment because he ran off.

Andy is totally unaware of the drama. Dougy’s portrait hangs heavily above him!

32 thoughts on “Post 2057: Dougy has a snit…

      • LOL We are about to experience a major change: my couch, torn to pieces, is about to be reupholstered. Fortunately, we have scheduled the couch to be picked up and returned while we are away for almost two weeks. The full force of feline retribution will fall on the poor lady who is taking care of them in our absence. I shudder to think what they will do, lacking their favorite “scratching couch”!

        • Oh dear! While I can’t imagine you having naughty kitties, too, I can only imagine what exceptionally touch fabric you had to select to assure the poor counch has a fighting chance to survive! Kevlar? Anhyway, have a good and safe trip. I know how anxious one can be when away from one’s kitties. Myt big concern is that the paté-style food is prepared the way they’ll eat it – yes, presentation is important to my cats! LOL! As for Andy getting his medicine, that doesn’t happen., another concern.

          • Thank you for understanding my concerns, Doug! Luckily, the lady who takes care of my kitties is very sweet; she sends me pictures and videos every day. They’ve known her for years and love her.
            BTW, my guys don’t like pate-style food, regardless of presentation. Chicken shreds in lots of gravy, please, and nothing else!

          • That makes all the difference to the kitties, for sure! My two eat the gravy and leave the shreds. Interesting how it goes, eh?! Whern I was a kid, I kitty sat for a weerk while my neighbors were on bvacation. Mr. Boots the tabby was very upset they were gone. he’d eat his paté-syyle kitty food, then barf it up. I thought I was going to have to tell them Mr. Boots died, but he made it though the week and was very happy to see his people again!

          • Poor Mr Boots! I venture to guess that he felt lonely because he had no company. My guys entertain each other, and so do yours. The lady who takes care of them when we are away stops by twice a day, and she not only feeds them and cleans up after them, but also talks and plays for a while with them. I’d like to think they they miss us, but photos and videos tell a different story.

          • Yes, I’m sure that was it. It was pretty alarming to me as a child, though. You are fortunate to have such a good person to care for them when you are gone! My two entertain each other, too, and invented the string game where they use it as a gaungtlet prior to chasing each other. Hmm. Well, they enjoyh plahying the game!

          • Yes, I am truly blessed with wonderful friends, as I’ve always had cats and always traveled. In fact, I used to travel more often and be absent for longer periods of time. I’ve always had one or another friend to take loving care of my cats.
            P.S. Are you planning to patent this game?

          • Andy says “Meow,” and Dougy says , “Meow.” If it could be copyrighted – the rules are pretty ambiguous – I might be able to pay more easily that $300 “business plan” my excessive photos cause me to pay annually to WP!

    • Joyeuses Pâques à vous, Janine, et à toute votre famille, Michel. Le Christ est ressuscité! And, yes, that is the eternal question Andy and Dougy mjust answer.

    • I reserve “Douglas” for the times he is especially naughty, as in “Douglas James Thomas”! It is rarely used since I, too, and technically am a Douglas, and I might get comfused which Douglas is being called out., LOL! Besides, he is such a Dougy, a real comedian kitty!

    • Also, Andy is named after the apostle Saint Andrew, patron saint of Scotland. I supose André requires an [ALT + 0233] to get that little accent over the “e” on my keyboard. That said, yes, he would fit that name, too! He is a somewhat elegant, serious little kitty.

    • That he is! The earlier post (Post 2055) was Andy asserting his territorial right to that particular spot, and this post is proof (for now) that Andy made his point sufficently well that Dougy didn’t wake Andy up to challenge him. You know how that goes!

    • …Andy’s equal-sized “kitty in a box” portrait is above and slightly over-hanging the Dougy’s photo! I have seen Andy staring at Dougy’s photo. I’ve often wondered what he thinks when he sees that, if he recognizesd it as Dougy.

    • LOL! There you go, GP! If no other reason for toleratiung his brother on the stacked carriers, Dougy needs to realize he had total control and exclusive ownership of the sadly mauled ottoman. Andy never gets on it.

    • I leave the one I use open so they can “cave” in it if they feel like it. These two rarely get used since the other one is big enough for two kitty boys. It has the advantage, too, of having wheels so I don’t have to carry the darn thing. I used to use these two when I had just one kitty to take “you know where”, but they seem to travel better in the largere one with wheels.

      Likewise to you! Hope you find lots of Easter eggs – if French dogs get to hunt for sun=ch things!

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