Post 2190: small pleasures…


I don’t have to convince Dougy he wants some “scritches”! It’s a small pleasure both kitty boys enjoy.


That’s the spot!


SURGERY UPDATE: The new fistula is done, without drama. Now I have exercises to do using what I converted to a cat toy after the first time I had a fistula created. They didn’t play much with it, I happened to know where they left it, found it and now will use it for the directed period of time.


This is a cat, erm, hand exerciser used to help mature the fistula to a state where it can be used. 


19 thoughts on “Post 2190: small pleasures…

  1. Glad to hear the surgery went well. Haven’t checked into WordPress for a while due to trips and will be gone again for a couple of weeks soon. Hope you recovered well with help of the multi-functional exercise machine. A.

  2. It’s funny how human items make good cat toys. We had someone with a baby come visit once and Chris stole the baby’s pacifier to play with. When we took it away he went into their bag and took another one. We took that away and zipped up the bag but he unzipped it and took a third one. Needless to say we had to buy them knew pacifiers.

        • It requires commitment, doesn’t it? I need to be better at the exercise so I get maximum flow and benefit from Fistula Nr. 2! A nurse at dialysis put a sterile glove over the head of her stethoscope and listened to the new fistula this morning. She said there was really good flow! That’s an important part of making sure the fistula will mature into a useful one.

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