20Mar20: Where’s the birdie?

The governor of Maryland outlines his states’s response to COVID-19. In the background, a bird sings it’s call for a mate. Andy hears the bird and his RAWR is turned on!

That dang bird is somewhere! (“Horns” up!)

Behind the governor??? Hopping around these people?


Did it fly up there?


Where is that birdie?

Maryland, Andy. Maryland!

20 thoughts on “20Mar20: Where’s the birdie?

  1. Maybe that birdie knows something about the virus the humans are getting. Mom and I cross our paws and hope that you stay healthy in this, Andy, Dougy, and Mr. Doug. Hugs.

    • Exactly! I reminded me of spring, of course, with its sense of renewal, hope, and welcome warmer weather. I guess our similar response to that grim report makes us birds of a feather!

    • They are very cat-smart for sure! I wish I were Dr. Doolittle so I could talk with them about things they are interested in.

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