21Mar20: important kitty boy business…


Dougy wants some adventure, so…

…he looks behind the end table, where, as all kitty boys know, the kitty toys are kept…


…and a lot more. (Thanks for showing the world my mess, kitty!)

Dougy just knows there are more interesting places to go. He considers the box, then comes back to tell me something very important before he moves on: “Meow!”

Yes, kitty boys do trash dive. Now I understand what Dougy meant by “Meow!’ He asked for permission! (Andy wants me to call Jackson Galaxy to report a cat from hell so he, Andrew James Thomas, can meet his hero, but Dougy resists knocking the wastepaper basket over…this time.)


Sorry, Andy. Maybe someday. Don’t cry!


After a brief adventure in the kitchen – I’m afraid to check – Dougy realizes what he wants to do all along is clean his “precious”.

16 thoughts on “21Mar20: important kitty boy business…

    • It’s tedious business but something – infection control – that immuno-suppressed people like me know well how to do! I’ve been doing it since 2003. You take care, too, GP.

    • Yes, the colors in the kitty boy’s fur never cease to amaze me! I think of them as being black cats, but they are much more than black! (I hope you and Janine are keeping safe from the COVID-19.

  1. It’s always good to see you and the boys in my mailbox, Doug! I know you are OK.

    Looks like a bright sunny spring day here. All our cats have chosen sleeping spots for the day already.

    • Yes, I confess I almost feel I have to maintain a daily posting because you aren’t the only one who uses the posts as one way to keep track of me!

  2. How are you all doing? Are you having to self-isolate? I thought of you as you must be in the vulnerable group after your hospital stay? Really hope you and the boys are ok. Can send cat food if necessary!

    • There isn’t any mandatory self-oi=isolate orders yet, but that is pretty much what people are doing here. Yes, I am immuno-suppressed, and have been since 2003. I am, fortunately, well aware of the precautions I must take to avoid infections. I am in the habit of buying things like cat food and litter through online sources, and received a three month supply of both just before all this foolish panic buying. I have food on hand and, again, bought many of the things idiots are panic buying before they lost their senses and empties selves.

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