29Apr20: staying away…

Andy is alert to possibilities, namely “Dougy” and an encounter.

What do “they” say? Discretion is the better part of valor? Well, valorous Andy decides to head for the guest bedroom because he sees Dougy.

Dougy’s checking out for signs Andy’s been around his, Dougy’s, little box fort Yep! A little sniffing around and Dougy has his answer: Andy was a recent visitor.

A quick check and Dougy determines Andy only went as far as the front door of Box Fort Dougy! Reassured, Dougy…


…high tails it to the kitty lounger Andy loves best. After a short visit to leave his scent on Andy’s lounger, Dougy runs back to his hidey hole nest under the chair in the north bathroom.

28Apr20: dirty kitties clean up…

I recently posted a short video of Dougy taking a cat bath. I noted he makes me laugh when he takes his bath, but Andy takes a more “normal” bath, which you can see above in this video.

Yeah, why not?! Compare the two kitty boys’ bathing style and enjoy another laugh at Dougy’s video.

27Apr20: nom! nom! nom!


Andy’s chowing down on cat grass. If you have cats, you know what comes next! (I need to run a vacuum over the carpet again. There’s a litter box just beyond this spot, then find where Andy barfed cat grass.) 

26Apr20: Andy’s tired of being the one…

I point my smart phone at Andy, and he leaves the scene. Too much Andy on the blog lately, he complains. But Dougy usually isn’t around when I’m working on new posts, I protest.


Andy thinks about it and decides to give us a show.

See it?! See it?! Somewhere around :09, he wiggles his right ear! Thanks Andy. For a kitty, you are quite magnanimous!

25Apr20: transformation…


What’s going on with Andy?

Eek! He’s transforming right in front of my eyes! 


What happened to wee Andrew? He looks like “Persian Kitty Boy from Hell”! I hope Jackson Galaxy has a remedy for what I sense is coming next!


Silly me. This is as naughty as Andy gets! “My Persian Kitty Boy from Heck”. Hang up the phone. Jackson can’t make a program out of this.


24Apr20: “He looked at me!”

Andy’s restless and can’t settle down for his nap.

Yes, Dougy’s sneaked into the room! Andy just knows this is bad news. Or is it? Dougy’s just there, not doing anything. Or is he…?

Dang that Douglas James Thomas! Andy looks to Doug (the human) for an answer or help. Dougy continues to just look Andy’s way. Provocation? “Dougy looked at me!” says Andy, and he’s dead serious about that!

Phase 2: Dougy comes in closer. Andy is upset!

“He looked at me again!” Boy is Andy unhappy with his brother now!

What a rascal that Dougy is! He “got” Andy and Andy has a decision to make.


Andy broods at his new spot…


…which is the best one ever, the end table. Of course, his “psych out” done, Dougy hightails it to the guest bedroom where he can enjoy his cat nap in peace. Cats!

23Apr20: Dougy is a funny cat…

Dougy is a funny cat, especially when he’s taking a kitty bath!


Bath done, he sleeps on his head.


It just occurred why I found this Dougy business above funny – it reminds me of this classic Charlie Chaplin piece!

22Apr20: Saki is a cat…


Oops! My Seattle sister’s kitty girl, Saki, had a moment with a houseplant…


…showing she is a proper cat after all!

21Apr20: Andy waits for Dougy…


Andy waits for Dougy…

…and waits!

Is he coming? Andy’s ears suggest perhaps Dougy’s around the corner!

Ok, he finally shows up. That’s all Andy wanted! “Hello, brother!”