05April20: the blahs hit hard…

After doing nothing, nothing is left to do. Here’s what Andy’s doing. Same as yesterday. Nothing.

Hey! He moved! What’s up?


Oh. Same old, same old. Time to bring out the Birbug wand toy!

15 thoughts on “05April20: the blahs hit hard…

    • Indeed! It’s been a stressful period for us all, and the hope is we will come out of it alive (!) and smarter the next time. I can imagine your birds and my cats both would like to be outside. (Mine are indoor carts, for their safety.)

  1. We’re active but just….it’s pretty cold. Mom hasn’t been out in many a month so she is not feeling much different. Dad does the shopping and that’s it. They play games and try new dishes for din din. It is difficult but mom is trying to get out on the deck to blow the cobwebs from her head.


        • Feel free to play with anything I’ve posted. You can copy them off my blog posts. I’ll look forward to seeing what you do! One of the best manipulations ever was the Louie the ginger cat that Peter Studt, a New Zealand video maker, modified into Captain Me-Ow, Louie with a cute super hero outfit! I’ve posted it from time to time on my blog and have an enlargement hanging on one wall of the modified photo. Of course, I’ve put it on coffee mugs and one of my business cards. It is lots of fun!

    • Me, too. I’ve taken more naps and been the best rested I’ve been in a long time, thanks to the stay-at-home business. I’ve watched as many movies as I can absorb for the moment, spent as much time on social media as I can tolerate, and am six days ahead on making posts for my blog. The food stores are pretty decent for the moment, but I’ve made some interesting combinations of food that actually were edible. A leftover soft shell taco hash just about topped my tolerance level, I confess, but I got it down somehow…. (Lots of salsa and sour cream!)

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