06Apr20: play time for the kitty boys

Here’s how it is: I have to lean backwards in an awkward way to get the Birbug lure over to Dougy (in the box in the lower center), while Andy, wants to play, but is on the recliner back. OK! Now you can follow the story a bit better. Nothing’s too good for The Adorables!

I draw the Birdbug slowly over the top of the box-cave. The noise attracts Andy and excites Dougy. Sadly, Doug wants the Birbug to land “just so”…

…so Andy snares it each time I try to “present” the Birbug “just so” for Dougy.


Awww! Poor Dougy! (He eventually gets to snare the Birbug, which is more than I can say about snaring a photo of the event!)

In the meantime, once Andy snares the Birbug, he doesn’t give it up. What an animal!!


8 thoughts on “06Apr20: play time for the kitty boys

    • There is, but their human, me, but it would take a very clever person indeed to play with two Birbugs and take photos at the same time!

  1. Euw 🐱 I get my arm filleted dangling a fishing pole toy at Washe and new young kitty Emmy runs hides under the bed. They both like ‘Temptations’ cat cookies though 🐱

    • I suspect my kitty boys would like Temptations cat cookies, too. They got started on Greenies because their veterinarian carries that brand for cats and dogs. Yes, there are reasons those wand toys exist! I have to be really alert when I play kitty games on my smart phone for Andy and Dougy if I want my hand to survive. My protective cover has scars from Andy’s especially vigorous play habits!

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