24Apr20: “He looked at me!”

Andy’s restless and can’t settle down for his nap.

Yes, Dougy’s sneaked into the room! Andy just knows this is bad news. Or is it? Dougy’s just there, not doing anything. Or is he…?

Dang that Douglas James Thomas! Andy looks to Doug (the human) for an answer or help. Dougy continues to just look Andy’s way. Provocation? “Dougy looked at me!” says Andy, and he’s dead serious about that!

Phase 2: Dougy comes in closer. Andy is upset!

“He looked at me again!” Boy is Andy unhappy with his brother now!

What a rascal that Dougy is! He “got” Andy and Andy has a decision to make.


Andy broods at his new spot…


…which is the best one ever, the end table. Of course, his “psych out” done, Dougy hightails it to the guest bedroom where he can enjoy his cat nap in peace. Cats!