Post 1004: Andy and Dougy can ignore me now…

That first day back, the kitty boys couldn’t spend enough time with me. “Clingy” barely covers it! And the first night they didn’t let me get any sleep at all.

Dougy was especially  annoying, walking on me, kneading me head to foot, sticking his face and tail in my face, and generally making sure I was there again to give good skritchings.

Andy was less aggressive, though he slept on a night stand next to the bed, well within skritching distance.

Now, a bit over a week later, the boys still want to be with me at night, but Dougy’s settled down. He comes around regularly for a little attention. He just  doesn’t do it all night long. Whew!

And Andy settles for just sleeping on the night stand. If my hand gets within skritiching distance, he lets me skritch his chin and head. He makes few demands for attention, however.


It is interesting that the same port that was working so irratically in Scottsbluff is working fine in Alliance. I think the nurses at the Box Butte General Hospital dialysis unit must work smarter instead of harder. Or maybe the difference is they are handling fewer patients at a time so can give better service. Whatever it is, I am very impressed with this local dialysis unit! I had my third treatment there yesterday and it went without a hitch again.

I still haven’t worked out the problem with my PC, so, sorry but no new kitty pictures and videos are possible just yet.






24 thoughts on “Post 1004: Andy and Dougy can ignore me now…

    • My boys return the >meow< to you and your cat crew! I'm happy the dialysis is working out fine here because I was worried it might be as troublesome as it was in Scottsbluff.

  1. Sounds like Andy and Dougie are starting to get used to you at home. Soon they’ll be ignoring you completely except at treat, scratch and meal times. I’m glad you’re being so safe with the walker….if you have one. Kali rides around on mine. Shoko is not aloud anywhere near it.


    • Andy likes my walker. Dougy keeps tipping the seat over because he lands on it in the wrong way. I can walk with a cane, but the walker is more secure. Plus, if I get tired, I can sit on it!

    • I have one, but the idea of putting one in each room is an excellent idea! They are the sort of thing you often have a use for but invariably will not have in the room where you need it.

    • Thanks! I am pleased things have gone well here. It tends to verify my initial request to be sent back to my hometown for rehabilitation and dialysis was reasonable and should have been given more weight than it was.

  2. You’ll get the hang of the computer in time, but you’d better concentrate on watching your every mood. Glad to hear you have a reputable dialysis unit to go to.

    • I am getting more comfortable on my laptop, though I still like the PC better. Yes, the local dialysis unit is excellent! I was surprised to find it to be more modern than all the others I’ve been to, but very encouraged, too.

  3. The boys took new habits.
    I am pleased that the dialysis is going well and that nurses are competent. Already the third time. How do you make the round trip to the center? Ambulance, I suppose.
    In friendship

    • I drive my Chevrolet sedan to the dialysis center. I’m glad that I can still drive because the alternative is time consuming and very expensive.

      When I was in the care centers, medical transport buses took me to dialysis. These buses had both regular seating and places where wheel chairs could be lashed down.

    • Yes, I have to move slowly and with care for the time being. I’ve had enough institutional living (and food…!) for the time being. I don’t plan to do daily blogs, though I may do nearly daily postings if the inspiration hits.

    • My therapists often mentioned how different people they treated ended coming back in because they failed to take reasonable precautions. I know how easy it is to “forget” to use reasonable precautions ( like locking the wheels on one’s walker before sitting on it or not trying to reach too far or too low for something), and make a conscious effort not to do stupid things that might cause a fall or injury requiring a return to a care center. I’ve had enough institutional living for a long time to come1

        • Bending over for me can be an adventure, too! I have low blood pressure. while it sounds ideal, mine can get low enough I pass out or nearly do. The only pill I have to take is one that makes my blood pressure rise, though I generally can get it in the “normal” range by turning on the cable news. LOL!

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