23Apr20: Dougy is a funny cat…

Dougy is a funny cat, especially when he’s taking a kitty bath!


Bath done, he sleeps on his head.


It just occurred why I found this Dougy business above funny – it reminds me of this classic Charlie Chaplin piece!

16 thoughts on “23Apr20: Dougy is a funny cat…

    • I’ve tried for years to get a satisfactory video of Dougy taking a cat bath. I think he is hilarious! The little video in this post shows some of that.

    • I was really happy to catch him this way. He always makes me laugh when he cleans up, and the little video shows a bit of why I think of him as my comedian cat!

      • So wonderful Doug! You are kitty blessed.

        I had a nice video chat today with my daughter via Zoom. I’m new to the service but it worked perfectly. Long story short, she knows dad loves cats and sent me some links in Vegas for very adoptable cats. She adored any critter since she could walk!! 🥰

          • Hi Doug, I was chatting with my daughter a couple days ago in Michigan via Zoom. She’s a total animal lover, has two dogs and a horse! And some reptiles and a Ginnee Pig! I spelt that wrong. She found cats for adoption near me here in Vegas, she knows I’m wanting a cat but holding back…

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