25Oct20: Andy is obsessed…

Andy notices an object of interest in my hands.

The little rascal keeps pawing at the blanket on my lap. He becomes a real pest!

Kitty boys don’t like cinnamon candy, Andy! (No, but he really, really, really likes the crinkly wrapper. I have to be very careful to dispose of wrappers so Andy doesn’t try to eat them.)


25 thoughts on “25Oct20: Andy is obsessed…

        • True! I have a sweet tooth that nags me when I go through the candy section at the grocery store. (There are things on the other side that are healthier, so I’m condemned to fight the sweet tooth’s nagging!) I try to avoid having sweets on hand since I would probably eat them all the time otherwise. Fortunately, I like fruit as an alternative to sweets!

    • It’s a hard candy flavored with cinnamon oil – one of my favorites! Speaking of Hallowe’eny, this type of candy is melted, then an apple on a stick is dipped into the melted candy, forming a hard candy shell around the apple. It’s really good, if you have the teeth for it. Another variation is melting soft caramels and dipping apples on sticks into it, then dipping the caramel apple into chopped peanuts. Good but nothing compared with a simple apple eaten without the goop, eh?! These treats are typical around this holiday. There used to be a candy shop in my town that made these, and it was an institution anyone of a certain age remembers fondly. They also made homemade fudge and other goodies like hot, fresh buttered popcorn, the smell of which wafted out onto the street, sucking you into the store. LOL!

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