22Nov20: Dougy liked the recliner…

Facebook brought this memory up recently. I’d forgotten how much Dougy liked that recliner. I’d forgotten, too, how much silver showed up in his fur the longer it got. This is a sad but happy memory. I liked, too, how his beautiful eyes show up in natural color in this photo. He was a beautiful cat.

31 thoughts on “22Nov20: Dougy liked the recliner…

    • Dougy never showed interest in television, oddly, since his brother does. He was just resting and cleaning up as I recall. That was a favorite place of his to do that.

    • Bittersweet. I miss him a lot, but I’m glad I have so many photos and videos of him. He and my late brother on on my Christmas card this year. It’s been that kind of year.

    • He owned the whole south end of the front room, parts of the guest bedroom, and a spot under the chair I put clean clothes from the dryer till I put them away. And just about every other place. Poor Andy! I think one reason Andy is happy as a single cat is he f=doesn’t have to fight for a space of his own: He owns everything by Dougy’s ottoman unless there’s the lapboard on it.

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