28Dec20: snowgirl from the past…

 This was on my Christmas greetings for 1973 or 1974, I think. There wasn’t much snow left after a melt, but there was just enough to make this sweetie. I’d forgotten about the image until I received a large package from Paris of correspondence with my late friend Ralph. The Christmas greetings photo was in the package, and I decided to share it with you! 

It’s been several decades now, but I remember my little snowgirl would have fit in my hand. Her “hair” was American elm leaves, if that helps give you her scale.


Andy’s taking a day off while I figure out why I all of a sudden have to kiss the devil’s butt (so to speak) to get photos to go from my smartphone to my laptop without a huge hassle. I managed to get these two photos over to my laptop through a circuitous route I still don’t understand. Ugh! Technology is great when it serves but tragic when it mocks humanity!

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