15Dec20: make a pretty picture time…

I notice Andy looking exceptionally pretty. “I need to take a picture”, I think. Well, the cat looks fine, but what a mess in the foreground and background.

I quick edit makes most of the messy surroundings disappear but SpongeBob SquarePants sticks out no matter where he is. 

I change my angle to exclude SpongeBob and use the closeup feature to give Andy a happier background. He sees what I’m up to and ducks the moment I snap his photo. He remembers the bad old days when getting a photo taken involved flash! If you think kitty boys don’t have elephantine memories, then you haven’t taken flash photos of cats! LOL!

I try a trick: I have all my settings and composition ready, then say “Andy…”. He looks up and -tuh duh! – a nice portrait of my pretty boy! With the right tricks, anyone can take a decent picture of a kitty.

On the other hand, this old photo of Andy with a fly on his side was kinda fun. LOL!