21Dec20: window cat…

Andy realized he could use a chair by this window to get onto the sill. The late Dougy and he love, love, loved this window, but couldn’t get onto the sill after I replaced a stacked washer-dryer with a new one that didn’t have a handy top loading washer they could use for a springboard.

Making up for lost time. Thanks to that handy chair by the window, Andy can use the sill for cat business again. He doesn’t like it when I interrupt him, though, because cat “window television” is serious business!

(Note: When you walk by homes and see blinds that look like the one in this window, you know there is at least one cat in that household! I have a replacement I think I’ll leave down as long as I have Andy.)

Andy heard me talking about him. Yeah, you and your brother pretty much messed up that window, Mr. Cat! This is one reason landlords have pet deposits (no pun intended) on top of the rent!