16Dec20: a look back…


Andy makes his own toy.

After Andy was played out, Dougy took over.

Call it “Kitty Waltz”.

So much for now. Sometimes it’s fun to look at old videos. Other times, it just makes me sad. Andy and I miss our Dougy.


Is today Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th birthday? Maybe. Apparently his exact birth date isn’t known, though tomorrow is the 250th anniversary of his baptism. In his honor, I include a movement from my favorite Beethoven piano concerto 

Beethoven’s Piano Concerto Nr. 5. The 2nd Movement, I think, is especially beautiful, though poignant, for its slow, spare, quiet progression to the 3rd Movement, which soars. I never tire of this masterpiece, the entire concerto, or hear it that I feel anything less than elevated, fortunate to always hear something else in it that I missed before. I love it so much I have 17 recordings of it by different artists.