31Dec20: a battle of wills…

A dark presence appears on the arm of the glide rocker. I am aware of danger.

OK! It’s only Andrew. What!? What!? What!? He’s giving me the “Stinging Kitty Glare of Destruction of Human Will and Making Doug Do Andy’s Bidding”! Only kitty stink eye is more potent.

I hold out. Oh! The pain! The pain! Resisting kitty cat will is exhausting, but Andy realizes he needs to lighten up his attack lest he harm me. “Meow!”

Hee! Hee! I break Andy’s stare by attracting his attention to the reflection of the kitty (!) on the smartphone face. I am safe – briefly – from this irresistible kitty force.

I have control again!

Or do I???

Déjà vu. Trapped again.

“YES-YES-YES!” “No! No! Nooo!” (I feel my free will draining away.)

“OK, Andy. I give up. It’s Greenies treats for you, my fuzzy master!” It’s New Year’s Eve. I’ve made a resolution not to let Andy bully me into doing his will in 2021!