25Dec20: Christmas Greetings



I had a call yesterday from Toni, an old friend from work. She wanted to stop by because her daughter had something she wanted to give me. I’d made my plan for the day (sit around watching television in a day old shirt and underwear….LOL!) but reluctantly agreed. I took out some trash and gave things a quick touchup since I wasn’t really ready for a visit and the place needed a bit of attention I typically give it on Sundays or Mondays. In days of COVID-19, I don’t have enough – any! – visitors so things tend to get a bit slack in the housekeeping department. Oh well. They arrived, Toni and I caught up a bit on how things have been, then Addison gave me what she wanted to give me: 

I was stunned and became emotional. Thanks again to Addison! Andy had to check it out, of course.