29Dec20: chillaxin’ on the recliner arm…

Andy stopped by.

I gave him a little loving!

What can I say? Chillaxin’ in the morning on the recliner arm!

(slang Relaxing. A portmanteau of “chilling” and “relaxing,” often shortened colloquially to “chillaxin’.”)

20 thoughts on “29Dec20: chillaxin’ on the recliner arm…

  1. I like Andy’s cattitudes when you pet him on his head , Doug./ . Fun ! I
    You are also a creator of words to make the American vocabulary richer ! ! 🙂
    I wish you a happy and principally healthy year 2021
    In friendship

    • It amazes me that words I don’t recall ever using pop into my head. This is one such word. It seemed like the right word to describe Andy’s Kool Kat cattitude” (another portmanteau!) so I searched the meaning, found it actually fit, and there you go!

    • That he is! He’s a bit shy, even with me, but when he’s on a high place, he becomes a very confident cat., He almost always prances around with his tail high, so you know he’s feeling confident.

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