20 thoughts on “15Jan21: Andy is…

  1. Mom is taking lessons from me on how to fall asleep. Andy knows how easy it is. Just settle in like your about to lay an egg and let your mind go blank…..or floating. I don’t see what’s so hard about this.


    • He’d probably resist loving, but like it anyway. (He always purrs when I do it. Of course, purrs don’t always mean the cat is happy, and he tolerates being held just under a minute.)

        • Me, too, esp0ecially since I had both kitty boys from kittenhood. I wonder, though, if pas=rt of it was that they were infected with a parasite that give them diarrhea. Diarrhea and Persian kitties is a grim mess! There were days I had to give them baths, which they hated of course. It could be they – now just Andy – remembered that time and associated being held with being put into the sink to be washed up.

    • Yes, already the recliner has become “Andy’s chair”. I haven’t sat in it since I put up the footrest so he could get toy. (Thanks for the beautiful Christmas card, incidentally. It arrived two days ago and I meant to mention it to you, Michel!)

    • Well, I think you better rip up something first or Mom and Dad will think you two are sick or something…. Just saying. Dormez bien!!

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