14Jan21: happy cat…

Andy follows the national news. “Curiosity”, you know, is his middle name. (No, it’s “James“, silly!)

Andy’s glad he’s a kitty boy! He has better things to do.

16 thoughts on “14Jan21: happy cat…

    • I’ve always felt being aware of what’s happening is important so I don’t vote for some idiot with no qualifications, though I have been surprised in the past at the local and state levels.

    • “The salvation of the state in watchfulness in the citizen”. Sadly, that includes paying attention (through multiple sources) what’s happening in the world. I take the responsibility seriously. The tragic business in Washington, DC shows what happens when citizens rely on a congenital liar for that perspective. Sorry to be cold and unbending on the issue. I wish I were a kitty some days.

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