18Feb21: one for the late Dougy fans and one for Andy fans…

One for the fans of the late Dougy! (Oops! I misidentified the kitty boy in the video as Andy. It actually was Dougy. They usually could be sorted out! by eye color and shape.)  

One for the fans of Andy!


Time for a look at old videos of the kitty boys. Andy and I want to spend our time keeping warm these days. My town had a wind chill of 51 F. degrees below zero yesterday, a good reason not to go outside if ever there was one! It’s supposed to be warmer today and toward the end of the week. I hope so.  It’s only 4 F degrees/ -16 C degress at the moment, so I’m sticking around the house today.

24 thoughts on “18Feb21: one for the late Dougy fans and one for Andy fans…

  1. Adorable videos! I’m trying to catch up today as I had to be away from the computer due to weather the last few days! I hope all weather gets better for everyone soon!

  2. The first video had me confused. Was that Andy or Dougy? It ended with “Andy fessed up”. Loved both videos, Doug!

    I hope it warms up soon where you are. We have been very lucky here, so far. Just the usual Oregon grey and wet.

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