Post 2169: back from the groomer…

Andy isn’t cooperative. He looks great regardless!

Dougy is curious where Andy is, which makes taking his post-groomer photos simple!

29 thoughts on “Post 2169: back from the groomer…

  1. Andy, it looks like you’re all ready for a pawty with your new doo. Say, did that groomer give you a watery soapy bath?! I went to the groomer right before Mom and Dad adopted me, but that’s been a pawful of years ago. Mom tried giving me a water bath ONCE. I wasn’t having any of it. Tee hee hee.

    • Bath? Yes, of course. I had to give the kitty boys baths daily, sometimes more than once a day, because they had diarrhea from eating a grasshopper infected with a parasite. They hated it, I hated it, we endured, but barely!

  2. For some reason the webpage wonโ€™t let me โ€œlikeโ€. Keeps trying to open a WordPress page that the goes away- however IF you are reading this it will let me reply(?)

    • Others tell me the same thing about their dogs and kitties. I’m lucky in that respect. They aren’t thrilled to be put in the carrier, but I only have a short drive to their groomer and veterinarian.(three blocks and six blocks).

    • LOL! You have the benefit of short hair. The kitty brothers actually do pretty well at the groomers, though they know to stop as soon as possible with Andy, who gets impatient and growly if they don’t! I alsways ask if they were good boys when there, and they have a good record. In fact, as noted elsewhere, the groomer only has my two kitty boys as clients. No other cats need apply. It’s mostly a doggy business. (The dogs they groom come out looking really sweet, too1 I think Mrphy’s Grooming Boutique in Alliance, Neberaska decv-=serves a shout out from its customers for the excellent work they do, so there it was! I always am happy with their r=work on Andy and Dougy!)

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