Post 809: up-coming event of huge importance…

If you scroll down far enough, you’ll find a little reminder calendar on the right side that lets you know the boys are just about to have a special day. Yes, Wednesday, the boys turn the Big Four! 

I suppose I should plan something special for their birthday, yet I will just give them lots of scritches and love, just like every day. This is a bit of a heresy among kitty servants, but the boys are unlikely to realize Wednesday is anything but just another day. Let’s not forget they are cats! dougy 2

That said, they are dear companions, not “just cats” in my mind. Maybe I’ll buy some tuna. They love tuna water, though they don’t eat the fish, oddly. I mean, I should do something a little more special for their big day than just note it here, eh!?

Here’s my question for you: If you have cats, dogs, hamsters, parrots, parakeets, goldfish, ferrets, snakes, elephants, tigers, zebras, gila monsters, or bunny rabbits, to name a few, what do you do to observe their birthdays? Or do you observe their birthdays? Give me some thoughts on how you think I should observe Andy and Dougy’s fourth birthday.andy1

Dougy (top photo) and Andy (bottom photo) await your suggestions! Thank you!

51 thoughts on “Post 809: up-coming event of huge importance…

  1. Please extend my belated birthday wishes. The cats get tuna (they prefer the water too) and the hedgehog gets extra worms. They really don’t like us picking them up and singing “Happy Birthday” to them. 🙂

    • Ha! Ha! My boys aren’t thrilled with my singing either, and neither likes to be held very long because they have important kitty business they musty attend to. 🙂

  2. Hiya Doug,

    Pet parties are more for we humans than our furry companions because if we are human that even considers to do something special for our little ones then it is a good bet that we spoil them the other 364 days of the year. I never did the birthday thing but I did do Christmas for them with stockings and everything! lol. They did get excited when I got their stocking down and placed it on the floor for them to investigate. However, my dogs were spoiled, which I admit unashamedly. I loved them dearly and gave them as much as I could in time and attention and a few meaty treats every now and again. Every time I ordered something, they rushed over to me as I opened the box because they knew that I would always order something for them as well even if it were only a greenie. They were so easy to please and it made me happy to see them happy.

    Hence, if it makes you happy to throw them a birthday bash then go for it. They will love you regardless. Have a blast and take plenty of party pics!

    • That’s one place where cats have it over dogs, of course: even if there is nothing in the box for them, there is always the box! Sometimes, I can’t get them to play with what’s in the box (when it is for them) because they are fighting over control of the box!

      • That is a comical and confounding aspect of the cat personality. They are just as happy to play with the container as they are to dip into what is inside for them. My two males liked peeing on the box but they quickly lost interest when the “goodies” were taken out and opened. Its funny how different the animals react to toys, treats, and containers. Not only does it provide them with hours of entertainment but we also benefit by their easy go nature.

  3. I knkow pets like music so I sing “Happy Birthday” to my little birdies and they seem to love it — of course I have to sing it over and over again — and of course, I make it a point to spend more “Face Time” with them on special days. — I know they love Christmas because they seem to like the blinking lights and the Christmas Music.

  4. I don’t know everyone’s birthdays and with 15 cats that would get a little costly and time consuming. I do let them celebrate a couple times a year with extra treats and some new toys.

    • That’s about the best plan, I think. I lucked out having two from the same litter, plus I knew from the start when they were born. It helps that it is Canada Day, which I tend to remember since Canada and Nebraska came into being in the same year, 1867.

  5. I’ll relate what I do on birthdays. Which here are frequent. I know it’s unanimous that chicken is the treat of choice. So I buy at the dollar store a plastic picnic table cloth, spread it on the living room floor, and buy a bucket of KFC. We have a picnic right there on the floor and everyone get a piece of their own. It’s a great bonding event and yes, I get just right in there and sit with them. At the end I scoop up the plastic cloth and dump it in the garbage. Easy cleanup! It’s a lot of fun to watch the “checking out” of what each other got and preventing the stealing, “Hey your piece is bigger!” 🙂

    • That’s do-able! I don’t have any presents arrange at this point, and couldn’t get them in time for the big day, but they do get a trip to their groomer the day after their birthday, sort of a kitty spa day for them PLUS they get a hair trim that should make them more comfortable in hot weather.

  6. Buy them their special treat (tuna water if that is for them a special treat) and that’s it. I do not even know the exact day my two were born. FunTom was thought to be born in May 2005 – so he turned 10 this year – and I did nothing to celebrate it. In August my little one will be 6 – but as August ist another estimation, I do not have an exact day. The tom was 6 months when they cought him at the farm he lived at (to castrate him to get him back there, but they never did, as he turned out to have a skin disease and the farmer would not have treated him for that, he never returned). And my little one was caught with 7 months, as a feral. Together with at least one sister.

    • I didn’t know when my cat Louie the ginger cat was born since he was a rescue cat, so I always celebrated his birthday as November 1, which was the closest date to when he came home with me that I could remember. The boys, on the other hand, had a specific and known birthday, and I found that out ewarly on. They also had one sibling dead at birth and a brother and sister that ended up in a home in South Dakota. Apparently, from what I’ve heard, the brother and sister aren’t best buddies like Andy and Dougy. I got Andy first, then Dougy, when the person who had their mother noted Dougy and Andy played well together. SHe offered me Dougy as well, and, since I’d planned on finding a second kitten to be Andy’s buddy, this worked out even more agreeably! Aside from the two being sweet-dispositioned kitties, they are pretty, fun, ornery companions of each other and me.

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