01Mar21: news time…

Andy is interested in the news today. Sounds like it might be cat news!

Intently watching….

What!? Andy thought there might be a report on the cats of Mexico from this one. 

Andy leaves the room. No cat news today. 


Today is my state’s birthday! “Born” on the first of March in 1867, that makes Nebraska (he counts on his fingers and toes for a long time), um, 154 years old! Yeah, that’s right. One hundred fifty-four years old. Happy Birthday, dear old Nebraska! 

12 thoughts on “01Mar21: news time…

  1. Happy Birthday to Nebraska! The landscapes and horizons are very different from living in somewhat hilly country but they I find them very beautiful.

  2. Happy 154th Birthday, Nebraska! I enjoyed the video. I’ve only seen Nebraska from Interstate 80 passing through, so it was interesting to see what else there is to see, especially the wildlife.

    Andy was quite right to leave the room. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday, Nebraska! I wonder if tourism will resume this coming summer—bird watching on the Platte!—or if the pandemic will continue to morph into new strains, keeping most of us from traveling. Fingers crossed: I’m hoping for a comparatively great summer.

    Andy, I would rather see cats in the news as well. Meow!

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