21Mar21: birds…

Excitement outside the back window!

Andy feels it in his bones!


Andy’s excited about the twittering birds in the fir tree! Spring has, as they say, sprung!





20 thoughts on “21Mar21: birds…

  1. Those photos look like art photos. Sincerely. To put them in an exposure , Doug !
    BTW ,my oldest daughter has just lost her maine coon cat that died yesterday all of a sudden . The vet speaks of aneurysm rupture . She is very sad
    In friendship

    • Just like Dougy, though I’ll never know why he died. Tell her my sincere wishes for her to remember the best of times with her cat to help deal with the tragic death. It’s never easy to lose a member of the family, and our pets are just that, yet the joy they give us in their lives always is followed by their passing. Sad. Andy sends her healing kitty purrs and I send hugs.

  2. Tyebe gets excited about the birds too but I just like seeing crows and ravens. There are a few sparrows here but not many are visible. Still too cold and even the crows are not particularly visible this year. Perhaps they’re giving social distancing to the other crows.


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