27Mar21: Turkish delight!

One of Andy and my favorite videos is a Turkish documentary about seven cats of Istanbul, Kedi. The Turks, it turns out,  are very much kitty lovers, and Andy and I wish we could go to Istanbul to enjoy their kitty cat culture and meet the stars of this video!

Short of a jet trip to Istanbul, there is a Turkish blogger friend I follow for her sensitive and loving photos of her cats and those that frequent her yard, nia.

“when it snowed”

The kitties attracted me to Nia’s photography, but that is only part of the charm of her blog. You also get to see modern Istanbul, rural Turkey, Ottoman-era architecture, nature, and any and everything this lovely person finds interesting through her excellent photos. 


Here’s a “sample” post about her cat İbiş:

Little Monster or Little Big Panther? ‹ photographyofnia ‹ Reader — WordPress.com 

Cat people will recognize the charms and characteristics of cats are universal when they read about İbiş. Nia’s description of the difficulties trying to photograph her cat are familiar, as are other things İbiş does that vex and intrigue “People of the Cats”. LOL!


22 thoughts on “27Mar21: Turkish delight!

    • Until I retired, I thought I was a dog guy, but I live in a retirement complex. A barking dog would make for poor neighboring, so when I decided to get a retirement pet, a cat seemed a better choice. I still like dogs, of course, and enjoy visiting friends who have dogs so I can get my doggo fix!

  1. Dear Doug, How nice of you, I can’t find the exact words to explain my feelings now. Thank you so much, sorry I am late for your beautiful post, I know you talked about this post but I can see now. This is exactly your beaautiful soul, heart, you are so nice. Cats brought us here to meet… Be sure in this real life we would have been such a nice friends too… Sometimes I feel as if I lose my power,… but then suddenly I wake up and being born again… I know none of not living an easy life… especially our normal life… Everything changed… and changes too… But do you know what never changes? “LOVE”… we love CATS and they love us too and we love our friends, As you dear Doug, Thank you so much, please be in safe always, Love, nia

    • Thank you, nia! I totally agree with what you wrote! I’ve always had international friends, well, at least since I started writing an Indonesian boy when he was 13 and I was 11. It enriches one’s life to learn something about other cultures. Even Canada is interesting. I bought a Canadian college-level history of Canada a few years ago, it is was eye opening and fun
      to read how historic characters we regard as heroes and Canadians’ bad guys, for example, and how events we have in common are regarded totally different with a Canadian point of view.

      • Earth is an amazing place actually and we
        made it world… Humans… Of course there are always bad and good too. You are welcome dear Doug, have a nice, enjoyable and safety day, Love, nia

  2. With this post you are going to warm the diplomatic relations with Turkey .via the cat love I tried the link above but it leads to a private post . You are a privileged man, Doug.
    I googled and indeed I learnt a lot of thing about the movie, Istambul and the cats .
    The plant growing and blooming on the rocks is Lamium purpureum or Veronica hederacea . I have them in the paths of my garden and in the lawn..
    In friendship

    • Yes, Nia told me it is a private blog, so I’m not sure how I got access to it in the first place. I’m sorry you haven’t been able to access it as it is a delightful place to stop each day.

    • Michel, the sad part about the private setting for this post is that the two of you who ran into that message are both people Nia
      would enjoy knowing. I understand her concerns and why she might have taken it private, so I can only say that I’m pleased that my post
      encouraged you to look deeper into something. Of course, you made a career of education!, so it makes sense you’d make that effort!

    • Dear Friend Michel, First of all Thank you for your concern and words, I have just met with you blog too. So sorry my blog is private, because of my situation in my country, Because of political/religious attacks… This blog is my private field by writing in English language, this is my freedom… I hope you can understand me. I tried to sent an invitation to you but I need your e-mail, but if you would like to follow me, you can enter my blog and you can make a request, if you have already did, please make again, I would be so happy to see you in my blog too, be sure, we have always a cup of tea for you, Thank you, Love, nia

  3. I got a message that it is a private blog, but even without seeing it I will take your word that it is a wonderful blog and she does good work !

  4. I too love Nia’s blog, Doug, I’m so glad you have featured it! Though the kitties, her own cats and the street and countryside cats, are my favorites, it’s been fascinating to learn more about the country too. We stay so busy we have yet to see Kedi, and I look forward to viewing that one day.

    • “Kedi” is worth the viewing for people who love cats. I’m not sure why some of us have access to her blog and others can’t view it. She must have taken i8t private after we signed up to follow it.

    • That she is! I’m sorry that some of us are blocked from seeing it because I’m certain she would enjoy those who reported being blocked. I know I enjoy their blogs as well.

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