28Mar21: the critic…

Andy likes to go black & white when he critiques a black & white film. It’s a kitty boy thing.

Is this going to be a “deep” philosophical film? There’s a question right on.

Silly dialogue! And who’s “Roger”?

Good grief! What’s “Sam” got to do with it?

[At this point I had to remove Andy from the room because of the barfing sounds….]

23 thoughts on “28Mar21: the critic…

    • Thanks! Andy often shows interest in what’s on television. Dougy ignored it mostly. Regardless, I am amazed at the expressions that pop up in the photos that I didn’t notice till I opened up the photo files.

    • Obviously, Andy likes a high quality French film (so he can block the captions!) like “Tous les Matins du Mond”, with Gérard Depardieu before he became a Russian and with excellent Baroque music.

  1. Great post, Doug. As you probably know, I just love B&W photographs… Well, maybe not if there’s some coffee pudding! 😉

    • Sometimes, black & white works better than color, and this was one time I thought the black & white looked better than the color.

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