16Apr21: backyard birding…

The late Dougy (on chair) and Andy used to “argue” over who got to perch on the little red chair. The back door was a perfect place to bird watch the backyard birds that used the trees just outside the back door.

I put the flower pot next to the chair so both kitty boys had a perch. That helped reduce the squabbles. Both kitty boys love, love, loved to bird watch from these perches. 

Dougy chattering at the birds outside. 

Me watching Andy on my computer monitor, and Dougy watching Andy from the stereo. Andy’s “horns” are up!

22 thoughts on “16Apr21: backyard birding…

    • It makes Andy “climb the wall” in his frustration to get the birds. (He actually climbs the screen, another reason I won’t get an apartment deposit back.)

    • And screens are not made as robustly as they were many years ago. I ended getting those horizontal sliding window screens from the hardware store, and putting them in the windows as a second barrier to the window screen. I can’t open the windows all the way as I need to pin down the second screen, but so far, it works well enough. 🙂

      • I had five of them rescreened a few months ago. The cost was less than $12 for the five, which seems pretty reasonable. When the time comes, I’ll have them all done.

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