14May21: Andy’s happy to see me…

Andy greets me at the door when I return from dialysis. What a sweet way to come home! 


Yes, Andy knows when I return it is “Feed The Kitty Time”! (He was sniffing ‘nip, so I put the dish on the table to remind him he also wanted kitty food. Then I put the dish on the floor.)


Saki, Andy’s kitty girl cousin who lives in Seattle, demonstrates yet another sleeping position that proves kitties have no bones.

32 thoughts on “14May21: Andy’s happy to see me…

    • Persians need some help with food since their snouts are short. I add a little water to the chicken pate and microwave it for a short time to give him a better shot at eating it. It is almost a slurry when I’m done preparing it.

    • The difference in how his coat looks in different light is accentuated the longer it gets. He has an appointment in June for a kitty spa day, and he’ll get a haircut that shows his color patterns really graphically.

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