19 thoughts on “13May21: out of steam…

  1. I have missed you, Mr Andy! You too, Doug, of course.
    Technical issues continue and seem to grow, so I don’t even know when – or if! – I will next be able to get into blogosphere.
    Miss you guys!

      • I truly appreciate your kind comment, Doug, It feels good to be missed. It is not only maddening, but also costly, as we had to switch to another service provider in order for me to continue teaching online. I had no idea that “high speed Internet” meant higher monthly bills!

        • Gad! It seems every new thing introduced into one’s personal system means more money to some entity! (But not better utility, oftentimes. My Internet provider stopped playing an advertisement bragging about how much more reliable their service was than Dish’s. Good thing, too, since there are laws covering advertisement claims!)

          • There is an old joke about two guys who got lost in the desert. One was carrying food, and the other one made fun of him because he, on the contrary, carried money which was almost no weight. Then he got hungry and asked his friend to sell him a can of tuna. ‘Sure, – said the man, – $100.” “For a can of tuna? You are nuts – it’s exorbitant beyond all exorbitant!” “Well, you don’t have to pay it. Shop around, compare prices…”
            That’s our story with internet providers here on the beach. There is only one who offers the speed I need for work.

          • There are four here, Verison, Spectrum, Allo, and Mobius. Everyone has advocates, and all have similar issues that drive some of their customers to try one of the ones they aren’t currently using. I have Internet and television on my account, so moving would be a pain. I’m just glad I didn’t bundle telephone on the television and Internet! Anyway, today, I sent three new photos to my laptop from my smarty phone. When I checked my gmail, all of the photos I sent for the last three days appeared instantaneously when I opened the gmail. I didn’t change any settings on either gmail, laptop, or smart phone, yet all of a sudden two days’ worth of failed sends from my smart phone plus the new phones magically appeared on my gmail! I think my Internet provider is screwing around with customers’ access, holding back on gamil anyway, because two or three photos went through the first day, none the second, then everything that was pending for the past three days just “happens”!

    • Andy is an odd kitty boy. He likes the water off of a can of albacore but not the albacore! His late brother was the same way.

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