09Jul21: Andy plays and the veterinarian’s is a big part of the kitty boy’s early times.

Andy always liked playing with cylindrical objects. A straw, pen, or pencil fascinates my kitty! 

Dougy missed his brother when he was being held at the clinic. 

Dougy was at the clinic, too, being watched for an intestinal infection both kittens had early on. I’d go down to the clinic to see the kittens, and this was visiting day for Dougy. He was upset by the bulldog pup you hear in the background. Later in life, perhaps because of early exposure to the sights and sounds of dogs, neither Andy nor Dougy reacted negatively to them when they were at the clinic.  

15 thoughts on “09Jul21: Andy plays and the veterinarian’s is a big part of the kitty boy’s early times.

    • I had a female kitty earlier – Freckles. When I got her, she’d been at the local shelter for a long time in a cage where she could hear and smell dogs but not see them. She was very stressed out to say the least, and when I brought her home, she was so sweet and happy she instantly purred the moment you touched her! When I left her at the clinic to be spayed a few weeks later, she had some complication (I knew at the time, but forget what they told me then, 12 years ago….). She had to stay there over night. I asked to see her before I left, and they’d put her in a tier of small cages where she was in the center cage, and all the others surrounding her had small, yappy dog patients. She died that night! I always felt it was the combined stress of the operation plus a return to a cage where she was able to hear and smell dogs but not escape them. I’ve had male cats since. Anyway, since then, both the clinic and the shelter segregate cats and dogs in separate rooms, which in itself is good.

        • She was a grey tabby with a very sweet disposition. She loved being held (Unlike Andy or Dougy…! LOL!) and purred the whole time. I got Louie the ginger tabby to be her companion. She treated him like a kitten would an older cat, and he was very tolerant of her “attacks”!

        • Me, too. It’s like zoos. They used to have terrible living conditions for the inmates, then they wised up and create habitat. I’m aware of only dog/only cat clinics now, too, though that’s unlikely in this small town.

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