10Jul21: more early videos of Andy and Dougy…

Typical Andy and Dougy behaviors! Andy always stayed in one place and Dougy wanted to explore! The kitty brothers were just a bit over five months old in this video. Their eye colors were set, and you can appreciate Dougy’s beautiful copper -colored eyes since he makes closeups at various times. Their Persian coats are starting to be more typical.

This bathroom window is a cat favorite in this home. The yellow heirloom climbing rose just outside the window is a favorite hang out for birds, so…!

Weren’t they handsome teenagers?! 

Classic Andrew James Thomas behavior. If you can’t take the pain, don’t touch his tummy!  Boy, were they wound up that day! Reminds me of that earlier video when they were really little and Dougy couldn’t resist Andy’s tail! What goes around comes around, eh?!


I wasn’t aware I was doing it, but these recent postings of videos are a bit of a tribute to my late kitty, Dougy, who would die on July 15th last year, just two weeks after Andy and Dougy’s ninth birthday The first anniversary of his passing is around the corner and Andy and I miss his ornery, comedic, exploratory self. These videos remind me of what a fun cat he was, how handsome he was, how extraordinary his copper-colored eyes were. Because they were brothers and I raised both from kittenhood, I always thought of them as Andy-and-Dougy, one being almost, always to be together. RIP Dougy. The last two videos show how they were brothers together, squabbling, playing, being kitty boys~!

Yes, he slipped out the door when I was checking the snowfall and went exploring and I didn’t miss him till hours later.






22 thoughts on “10Jul21: more early videos of Andy and Dougy…

  1. The videos are a lovely tribute, Doug, and I enjoyed seeing the boys as youngsters. My heart goes out to you on this first anniversary of Dougy’s crossing the Rainbow Bridge.

    • I think there are enough new people on the subscription list who never saw the early kitty boys. It helps, I think, to see them as kittens to appreciate how they developed into personalities as adults.

      • the same is true with human children, Doug. I am convinced that cats have more human traits than most other animals. For example, Barmalei has recently taken to pacing on top of the kitchen aisle (when there is no food on it, of course) grabbing us with his paw when we pass by, be sheer accident I discovered that he was simply looking for a hug. The moment either one of us hugs him, he clams down and goes about his kitty business.

    • Thank you, Peggy. I think Dougy’s death hit me harder because a requested post mortem wasn’t done. I can’t help but obsess on the thought, “Was there anything I could have done that would let Dougy still be alive?”

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