08Jul21: more Andy & Dougy kitten videos

I have to admit: I teared up when Dougy makes an early appearance in this video. Gad, he was a cutey! And he was ornery from an early age. Andy was really cute, too, but he always was the “nice” kitten.

You probably have seen this one more than once if you’ve followed this blog very long. It is one of my Top Ten Favorites videos of the kitten brothers. Oh well! It’s still fun watching a naughty Dougy start his career as a destroyer of furniture and Andy his of being a good kitty!

“Oldtimers”, again, will be familiar with this other Top Ten Favorite. Andy and Dougy were exceptionally cute in this video, and I feel joy seeing the kitten brothers when they were so young and playful! They continued to be close throughout life. Andy and I miss our little buddy, Dougy, still. He was a fun kitty boy, a little comedian and explorer.   






23 thoughts on “08Jul21: more Andy & Dougy kitten videos

    • I’ve realized I’m doing a Dougy memorial run of posts, a remembrance of how two kittens captured my heart, with a emphasis on Dougy, but including his brother Andy because for nine years, I came to think of them as a forever unit, sort of one entity, Andy-and-Dougy.

    • The one where they are playing on the cat tree and Dougy’s beating back his brother shows the two at their cutest, I think, though the one video – “Kitten Wars IV” – is a close second.

    • LOL! Well, one (Dougy) was named after me, and the other, (Andy) was named after St. Andrew, patron saint of Scotland. Perhaps the names influenced behavior…???? How’s it in da Phenny Land? It seem you both trend toward , well – what would Mom say? – being lots of Dougy-like! (Makes for fun reading when I see your blog, of course, and the two of you are so beautiful.)

    • Glad you are enjoying them, Peggy! The heat wave here has sucked all energy out of me and this is one way I can update effortlessly and still be entertaining.

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