Post 1958: slowly returning to normal…

Dougy associates all cameras with blinding light. As soon as I point one at him, he closes his eyes. Soooo…when I tried to show you how much better his eye is today, he closed his eyes. This is the best photo of them all. I guess you just have to take my word for it today, things are much better today, and Dougy seems to connect the eye drops with his eye feeling more comfortable because he hasn’t fought the drops as much as he did at first. (He just walked by and gave me a big Persian kitty wide eyed look. Dang it! Not ready with the smart phone camera!)

22 thoughts on “Post 1958: slowly returning to normal…

    • Me, too! Nothing is more stressful with fur friends than knowing they are in pain and not having direct ways of knowing they are better. I think he is eating better, one clue. He seems to like the drops, so there must be some instant relief to discomfort in that eye, for a second. He’s interacting (i.e. “acting up with”) more with his brother Andy, for a third. He just seems peppier, for a fourth. I wish I could ask him how his eye felt and hear an answer in anything but cattinese!

    • That’s a big part of the appeal of Persians, for sure! Of course, they have lovely personalities, too, and are perfect for old farts like me because they aren’t as hyper as, say, Bengals.

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