16Jul21: while you’ve been watching videos…

Getting ready to sleep or….


So you didn’t miss any big events!


The shocking photos and videos of floods in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands sadden me as it does anyone who was blessed to spend time in the lovely villages, towns, and cities of those countries. Condolences to the families and their losses, both human and property. May the flood waters lower so the cleanup can begin. My hope is none of my German, Belgian, or Dutch friends were in these floods (I think not…), nor any of their families. Take care and have heart.

11 thoughts on “16Jul21: while you’ve been watching videos…

  1. Sleeping always works well for cats, so . . . no worries about how Andy’s been spending his time while videos are ongoing.
    That’s very sad about the flooding, My sympathy goes to everyone in the affected areas.

    • Oh yeah! The book was a snooze, too.

      I was in an honors English class as a kid where we got to slog through it. Here’s one that will appeal to you – sorry for those who might be offended. Huckleberry Finn was another book we slogged through. Introducing the books as our next read, our teacher transposed the title’s character as Fuckleberry Hinn. As teenagers, it was a hilarious malaprop, but the teacher was a stern one: No one could laugh but everyone wanted to so bad. It’s like suppressing a fart in church, just as painful, to suppress a laugh, let me tell you!

      • LOL, I feel with you ;O) we had to deal with Mr. Ronbinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe. A man, who lived 87 or 187 years on an island where it was as boring as hell… and to read about every single boring day was.. well not really interesting….

        • Ever try working through the many volumes of Samuel Pepys’ diary? An important record of its times, for sure, and easily the most tedious read I’ve never finished. And Proust wrote some tedious stuff, too.

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