17Jul21: bugged…

While Andy caught up on international news…

…this masked hunter* bug stopped by the end table.

When I told Andy he just missed the bug, he was sad. Awww!


* https://extension.psu.edu/masked-hunter


31 thoughts on “17Jul21: bugged…

  1. Poor Andy, missed out on the fun!
    Thank you for the link, Doug. On your photo, it looked like a Palmetto bug, or, rather, a female Palmetto bug who, according to Floridian urban legend, flies and bites, and I am violently allergic to its bite. Then I read and realized that it is a hunter bug, rather than a harmless lady Palmetto. My first encounter with this critter landed me in the ER.

    • That’s a fact, Bill. Just about daily, Andy comes into the front room where he looks up at the walls and ceilings where he’s seen bugs before.

  2. PSU’s description of the bug is interesting. A good one to have around during a bedbug or carpet beetle infestation, but look out otherwise! Not one a kitty or human would want to mishandle. 🙂

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