20Jul21: more videos

Mostly they got along.

“Where’s the birds?”

The back door has surprises.

Oops! Poop caught in his tail feathers – dang that floofiness! – so Doug had to dump Dougy half way to work it out of his hair. Neither of us had a good time.

23 thoughts on “20Jul21: more videos

  1. Just this morning I did a poop clean up. Surprisingly it was on Gus, my short hair rather than Sasha the long hair. Neither of us had a good time either but fortunately it was a hard ball so no bath was required, just a thorough combing.

    • It’s from a YouTube selection allowed to attach to videos called “Balli tradizionali in Umbria” (An Anthology of Folkdances from Umbria). Glad you enjoyed both the video and the music!

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