24Jul21: A first visit to the groomer and play time…

Their groomer recommended a less extreme teddy bear cut that looks much nicer on Persians, I think! This time, though, it was their first time at the groomers, and she just did a shampoo and detangle on their coats. 

Andy gets a surprise while snooping on a box by the waste paper basket….

Dougy always enjoyed a good play session!

8 thoughts on “24Jul21: A first visit to the groomer and play time…

    • The groomer did minimal trimming that time. Andy and Dougy always look/looked best with naturally long Persian pelage. If the mats could be controlled (not totally, even with brushing) and the poop ball issues eliminated, I would have3 let them go full Persian all the time….

    • Glad you’re enjoying the videos~! I’m going through a lazy phase here and the videos are entertaining and easy to put into blog format.

      I think cats feel upset with the lion cuts, too. I know Andy especially is tail-aware: “DO NOT MESS WEITH MY FLOOFY TAIL ~ OR ELSE!”

    • Oddly enough, that every same toy caused Dougy to be upset toward the end of his life. I’m not sure what happened that he became frightened by it.

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