23Jul21: Andy and Dougy at play and an incident…

 Andy and Dougy love, love, loved it when my late brother Dick came for his annual visit!

No one admits to anything around here….

Play time for Andy and Dougy!

29 thoughts on “23Jul21: Andy and Dougy at play and an incident…

    • I’d like to think that, too. Dick was really good with kids and animals. He was a sweet, gentle spirit and I miss him a lot.

  1. Those old videos are spectacularly well produced, Doug. Of course it helps to have two adorable stars darting to and fro, I would imagine it is bittersweet for you to watch both your late brother and the little precious Dougy, but at least you have ‘captured’ both of them in a great collection of videos.

    • Yes, it is fun watching the kitty boys go crazy chasing the toy! Dick had a touch with cats and dogs. Andy and Dougy remembered my brother from year to year and really, really, really liked it when he came to visit! (So did I! We were very different in many ways, but we enjoyed each other’s company. I miss Dick a lot.)

  2. It wears me out watching em 😸 running around 🙂
    I follow you on YouTube & never realized you have a healthy library there 😉
    I have to go all the way to your web site here to comment anymore, WP lost the send button in ‘Reader’ ❗️

    • Thanks for the follow on You Tube. Though I haven’t added to the channel in years, there’s 200 + videos (I think it is) covering the early years with the kitty boys.

      Good old WP! How tedious for you – and me. I always look forward to subscriber comments.

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