08Sep21: the last of Louie videos…

I was fascinated with Louie’s tail….

Louie sent TACO away from Louie’s backyard!

This is the color version of the previous video. There is only one video of Louie left. I’ve never been able to watch it because it is one I made the night Louie died. I tried to get an emergency visit to his veterinarian. Failing that – the emergency veterinarian was on another emergency in the country – I made this unseen video to show his veterinarian when I finally got him in to the clinic. He die later than night, August 1, 2011, and I would find him in his favorite “hidey hole”, the dryer. I can’t imagine how he found the strength to get up there, but… Later, I made this next video for the children of a German friend. It is a little story with a moral since it is for children:

A story for children, featuring Louie and the neighborhood tuxedo cats….

26 thoughts on “08Sep21: the last of Louie videos…

    • Cats and Jazz seem to be made for each other! Andy works best with Louis Armstrong’s Hot fives and Sevens classic work, but Louie was more a contemporary (or 1950s, anyway) Jazz.

        • I’m the opera and symphony guy in this household, though I came to Jazz later in my listening life, thanks to Marian McPartland’s NPR piano Jazz program toward the end of her life. It was a favorite Saturday evening program of mine.

          • Right after Khruschev was deposed, jazz became forbidden music in Russia. Famous Russian jazz musicians were jailed and all their recorded music mysteriously disappeared. Needless to say, that’s exactly what generated interest of the younger generation, myself included. King Louie did perform in Eats Berlin, but refused to go to Russia. However, The Duke did, in 1971, and that was a huge sensation which signaled jazz revival in the USSR.

          • Forbidden, too, in Nazi Germany. t’s interesting that this music might be considered a threat to strong-armed dictators!

  1. Those are beautiful Louie videos, Doug, especially the one for your German friend and children. I understand about the video you cannot watch. I, too, am sorry that you didn’t have more time with this wonderful cat.

  2. Enjoyed the Louie videos! I think his tail is fantastic, too! Our friend’s tortie, who no doubt had ginger cat in her ancestry, also has two orange rings on a lighter background at the far end of her tail. Her tailtip also has a spot of color, but in her case it’s black.

    • I flipped back through your kitty photos, and Shelley is, indeed, a Kool Kat! It’s a coat variation in a tortie I’ve never seen before, and it’s actually pretty special.

      • I’ve never seen a tortie like her before either, especially her tail. One of the best pics of it is in the Oct. 2020 post, “Cats Present: Creek and Leaf Scenes . . .” where smart-mouth Franklin says she has the tail of 3 different cats. She was a found street cat. The pattern is beautiful on both your Louie and on (Mary) Shelley.

  3. I think someone’s been peeling onions in here…. ;_;

    What a lovely cat Louie was. His warm, funny personality comes out in these videos; I can understand why you miss him to this day.

    I just brought Sunny back from the vet today. She passed her checkup with flying colors, but while I was there I saw an older couple saying goodbye to their very old, sick yellow Lab. I had to dive into my handbag for Kleenex: I understand that when a pet is mortally ill, it’s the ultimate act of love to let them go. But I had a terrible time saying goodbye to Sunny’s predecessor and our one little dog. The dog really broke me—I’ve never been able to adopt another one. I kind of felt that way about another cat, but Sunny decided to adopt me. I’m so glad she did! I can’t imagine life without her. I think some people are born to always have a cat in their home. You likely are one too, Doug!

    • I believe I was fated to be a kitty person, too. Though I grew up with dogs and always thought I’d like one after I retired and had the time to care properly for one, it seemed a shame to put a dog through apartment life, where barking and pooping would make him or her a neighborly pest. A cat made perfect sense, then.

      Awful as it is to find a pet dead, I am thankful that all my pets died before I had to take them to be euthanized. Louie’s last night was sad and painful enough.

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