07Sep21: “artsy” experiments and Louie at play…

The apple trees in the backyard are attractive to birds, cats, and people!

I was exploring the possibilities of the editor this time.

I forgot about this toy. Louie was a string kitty when it came to play.

23 thoughts on “07Sep21: “artsy” experiments and Louie at play…

  1. The apple blossoms were beautiful. We have an apple tree at out WV home but we are not here in the spring. The sepia is interesting. Never thought of using it for film. Those are cool memories of Louie.

    • It’s a decorative apple. Its main “value” is this annual display and the cover it gives birds from cats.

      I thought the sepia was interesting, though that was the first and last video I tried that on….

  2. Wow! I really enjoyed the apple blossoms, and Louie in both sepia and bright ginger is just too cool. Loved the music in the Louie videos; again I say, you have a real flair for joining music with mood and action!

    • Thanks, Leah! I am an aficionado of cinema, to put it in the most pretentious way possible! LOL! Anyway, having worked as a motion picture photographer when I served my three years in the US Army, I love the art of film in all aspects. Matching music to action enhances the film if successful, and it’s fun trying to succeed. The apply blossom video music was a happy blend, one I felt was perfect for the elegance and beauty of the tree in bloom!

  3. Apple blossoms in spring are one of my favorite things!~ I like the sepia experiment, and the music for Louie. “Babalu” might have been a good choice for Louie music, too. 🙂 In string play, it looks like you were doing most of the work, Doug. He plays like our kitties. 🙂

    • Mine, too! Many times, here at almost 4000 feet above sea level, it isn’t unusual to get a late freeze that wipes out that year’s blossom fest, so those years we get the blossoms are all the more special.

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