27Oct21: Kill the Birbug!

I briefly played “Kill the Birbug” with Andy.

That reminded me to verify I had prepared today’s blog entry…

…so I put the Birbug down so I could check. 

Good thing, too, because Andy saw the Birbug was undefended, and that gave me material I’ve just posted! (I thought I had a post ready for today, but it turned out I didn’t…at half an hour to go before I usually post!)

15 thoughts on “27Oct21: Kill the Birbug!

  1. Mr. Doug, don’t feel bad. I’m sure others have done the same. I know Mom has. That’s ’cause you are humans, and not pussycats. Pussycats are always on top of things, and even when we’re under things or upside down, we are still on top of things. Winks.

    • It sometimes is easy to have several posts prepared in advanced, but I’ve recently had the opposite of nothing ready until too late or almost too late.

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