13Dec21: Rats! Andrew has other plans!

I’ve fed Andy his prescription kitty food, “scritched” his chest and ears, opened kitchen cabinets so we can play the “what-a-wonderful-kitty-boy-no-mousies” game, gave him to fresh leaves of ‘nip, opened the front door so he can commune with nature, gave him some Greenies treats, pet him twice till he arched his back and purred, rubbed between his eyes because he likes that a lot, then decided maybe he’s ready to play with his kitty teaser. 

Good grief! Now it’s time to take a kitty bath!

20 thoughts on “13Dec21: Rats! Andrew has other plans!

    • That used to be his all-time favorite, Dolly. He and Dougy had a game they made up with the string part when it came off the stick. Andy would drop the string in front of him and let out a RAWR that must have been an insult in Catinese. Then Dougy was chase him through the house till the got as far as they could run in one direction, then they would change places, with Andy chasing Dougy. This game went of for several “tours” of the house before they broke off for a nap or whatever! It was cute!

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