12Dec21: Then I heard the slight rumble of a kitty boy snoring….

I sit in the chair you see a corner of on the left. While in that chair, I thought I heard a familiar sound, the sound of Andy snoring! Where was it coming from, I wondered, since I don’t recall Andy spending much time in his 10th  birthday kitty tree, yet it sounded like the snoring came from the tree. I looked around but didn’t see Andy till I pointed my smart phone camera in the general direction of the tree and snapped this photo. He was deep in the kitty fort, hidden from me when I looked around the back of the chair.

Yes, a sleepy Andy came a bit of the way out of the tree fort section of his cat tree when he became aware of me!

It pleases me to see him making use of his cat tree. It is the first and only cat tree of the three in the apartment that’s always been exclusively wee Andrew’s! The first two originally were Louie the ginger cat‘s. The kitty brothers inherited them. Dougy pretty much took over the guest bedroom tree for his personal domain, and Andy sort of got the dining area tree, though Dougy would use it, too. Andy’s cat tree is, by far, the coolest one!


A bonus for my friends Liz and Jamie…Yes, that’s Maggie’s photo in the upper right hand of the top and third photos! Good doggy!

14 thoughts on “12Dec21: Then I heard the slight rumble of a kitty boy snoring….

    • Supposedly, there’s catnip scent on it to attract the kitty. Of course, Andy’s all about free will, so it’s his when he’s ready for it to be his. On the other hand, a cactus-shaped kitty scratching post was an instant favorite that he uses many times daily. It was a 10th birthday present as well.

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