18Dec21: not now…

“Hey Andy!”

I get Andy’s attention. I’ve brought out an old favorite toy.

Maybe he’ll play with the mousie!

Looks like he’s interested!

>sniff! sniff!<

Another sniff or two, then…

…Andy returns to his original position.

Now he ignores me, too! (The little poop!)

This was predictable. No play for now, old favorite toy or not.


22 thoughts on “18Dec21: not now…

  1. Fresh mice for Christmas would be a well-received gify for Andrew. Old toy mice are just too 2020. You could place them in that cabinet while he is sleeping, plenty of time for that to happen, and please him greatly. Something worrying about that idea but I can’t seem to think what untoward events might occur, Doug, can you?

    • That’s what happens when you hunt mousies in the cabinets to make sure there are none left. (Hint: There never have been mousies in the cabinets, but Andy insists on verifying it. I have to open the cabinets for the wee darling, though he actually can open them himself. I guess he makes me do it so I know he’s doing his kitty job with the mousies!)

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