19Dec21: “nip” for breakfast…

I grow “nip” for my wee darling Andrew~!

As the French know, presentation is important!

Andy is particular, however.

He likes it when I hold one leaf to his nose so he can >sniff< verify it is the real deal! His reaction to “nip”, like this kitty himself, is restrained. No silly behavior from Andrew!

Then I leave it there for him so he can work through it at his own speed. Yes, before it’s done, he will eat it. Did I mention I crumple the leafs to enhance the scent? 


17 thoughts on “19Dec21: “nip” for breakfast…

    • I have poor results in the garden since neighbor cats help themselves! LOL! Window ‘nip, so far, hasn’t been hassled by the kitties over the years since they’d have to negotiate clutter and water in the sink sorts of obstacles

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