20Dec21: Ho! Ho! Ho!

I sat down to do Christmas cards. Though I’m not in the Christmas spirit – yet! – I’ve received several cards from family and friends.

“I better just do it,” I told myself.

Andy joined me, interested in what I was doing. Seeing him lick his lips, I should have guessed what really interested him.

He tried to play “kool”, but…

…his naughty kitty self kicked in and he grabbed and ran off with the envelope with the Christmas cards. 

I barely caught him before he took it to some inaccessible spot, where he could chew and swallow – $2000 surgery time – the plastic at leisure.

It’s called “pica”. Pathological reasons for this behavior have been eliminated, and it seems curiosity is Andy’s interest in plastic. I have to watch him closely and hide and/or put such objects of interest where he doesn’t have access to them. 

Those are kitty chew marks on the spot near my finger. Bad kitty! And so close to Christmas!

In the distraction caused by Andy, I managed to seal three cards before I could address them, a mishap I discovered too late to determine which had personal messages or not.

Three wasted cards and envelopes later, I realized some people wouldn’t get cards this year because Andy is a little poophead! (Well, it’s my fault, too. I know how much Andy wants to chew plastic!)

If you are one of those who didn’t get a card from me this year, here it is.

Ho! Ho! Ho! 


This is a perfect time to educate those unfamiliar with pica in cats. Click on the link for a thorough explanation:

Why Does My Cat Eat Plastic (Reasons & Prevention) (petsitters.org)

38 thoughts on “20Dec21: Ho! Ho! Ho!

  1. The intended card is beautiful. So is Mr Andy, no matter what trouble he causes!
    Thank you for the link to pica; Barmalei chews ziploc bags and other plastic wrapping, but only those that contain food or traces of it. Now that I have almost entirely switched to silicon reusables, he has to make do with raw veggie wrapping, until I process the contents.
    Happy Holidays!

    • It is never wracking keeping this away from Andy. Yesterday, I relieved him of a pill I accidentally dropped and never could locate. Sensipar is not for kitties!

    • Yes, many cats are attracted to crinkly materials. Andy is notorious for trying to ingest plastic. It’s like having a toddler in the house!

    • Oh no! Exactly! Best wishes for keeping Snoops tape-free. It’s really worrisome when a kitty can’t be trusted around plastic or, in Andy’s case, candy wrappers.

    • What really upsets me is how much money goes down the toilet when I mess one up! Worse yet is when I buy just enough cards for the anticipated mailing and the spoiled card means I have to buy replacements.

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